North Korea’s Nuclear War Machine Ramping Up

The success of the missile test made on our Independence Day has suddenly made the threat from North Korea much more real. What’s next?

Terrorism on the Rise: 5 Tips To Survive The Attack

There is always an increase in terrorist activity during the annual celebration of Ramadan. Would you survive a terrorist attack?

5 Things Anti-Gunners Get Wrong About Gun Rights

Fake statistics are used to advocate for gun control even as millions of women and children are being wiped off the face of the Earth by criminals.

Stories To Learn From: WWII Survival On The Home Front

During WW2, on the home front, we were all Americans. We were all in this together, and we intended to win. We never felt alone, and we survived as a community.

The Largest Dealer Pushes For Gun Control

This is incredibly disturbing because terrorists will come up with guns that Hillary sold to them as she moves to disarm our citizens.

Prep Blog Review: 5 Defense Tactics Inspired By Orlando

Orlando has been in our prayers and in our minds these past few days. Terrorist attacks have become the 2016 reality, so get prepping!

More Violence, More Political Hay for the Left

Once again, rather than address the elephant of Radical Islam in the room, Obama uses Orlando attack to ask for more gun control.

From Orlando With Rage: Attacked By Terrorists But NOT Terrorized

Sunday, this happened in my town; tomorrow it could happen in yours. All we can do is be alert and be prepared.

War On America Declared And Already Lost?

This has been predicted by terrorism experts for years. And it’s going to get worse. So why are we not fighting back?

D-Day, June 6, 1944. What Has 72 Years Done To Us?

There has been no other time in our history, when the United States pulled together for a single purpose, like it did in World War II.

Drafting Women To The Army?

If any liberals happen to read this, I warn you, you will be offended and call me every name in the book. I’m coming against your sacred cows here.

Restraint Escape Carry: 16 Ways To Go Undetected

The restraint escape kit is one facet of an escape plan. Knowing how to use and carry it, is another part of the deal. How much do you know about it?

Putin Is Pulling Russia Out Of The Syrian War

In a sudden and surprising move, Putin announced that Russia will be pulling their troops out of the Syrian civil war.

The Battle Over Guantanamo Bay

This isn’t surprising, considering his hatred of the military and the way he’s been releasing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay right and left.

New Attacks In Syria

Even though Obama has been crowing about ISIS being contained, the war in Syria is far from over. And whoever wins the elections in November had to be ready to deal with it.

How To Survive And Escape From A Collapsed Building

Regardless of why the building collapsed, there are ways to escape. If you follow a survival plan, you really increase your chances to survive.