8 Things To Keep Under The Radar During A Blackout

Black out

When the lights go out, desperate people will do desperate things. Don’t let them know that you are better off than they are.

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Moving Your Computer Off Grid


A computer can make it easier for you to survive. Here is what you need to know about taking your computer off-grid.

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The Basic Study Guide For Your EMP Survival

49927316 - blackout concept. lighting candle near laptop with dark empty screen

There is so much to learn about EMP survival, and so little time. I’ll point you in the right direction: here’s where to start your study from!

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How To Start Your Electrical Energy Stockpile


Even the most epic of journeys begin with a single step. Start small when preparing your energy independence. Start with the basics, but start now!

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Lights Off: How The World Could Change In 7 Days

lights off: how the world would change in 7 days

On/off. Alive/Dead. It is truly that simple. One moment we have juice, the next we don’t.
Are you prepared to face this?

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6 Ways The Power Grid Could Collapse

power grid attack

Destruction of the grid, regardless of whether it is by intent or by accident is actually not all that hard to accomplish. Do you know the risks?

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