The Day When The ATMs Dried Up

A sudden action of the Indian govt left people in a bind. The lesson to be learned here is that is that our money isn’t safe.

7 Ways To Prepare For An Economic Crisis

A financial crisis is imminent. Here are seven lifestyle changes that can help you and your family to survive the meltdown.

Why To Invest In Food Instead Of Silver Or Gold

Let’s say you have a few thousand dollars you want to invest. These are the solutions that will work even during a financial collapse.

Could the Government Seize Your 401(k) Or IRA Money?

The government already gave banks the green light to seize your bank accounts. So how can you protect yourself and your hard-earned savings?

7 Bartering Rules To Write In Stone

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to bartering with other survivors in a SHTF situation. Take these seven rules to heart.

War Against The Police. Whose Lives Matter?

The attack in Dallas was not the only attack to take place. The first salvo in the war against the police has been shot and it was a devastating salvo.

Prep Blog Review: 5 Venezuelan Survival Lessons

Greatest survival lessons come not from imagined situations or TV show scripts.
Study case 1: Venezuela 2016.

A History Of Poverty

What has 50 years of giving handouts to the poor gotten us? According to census data, we’ve reduced the poverty rate by a whopping three percent!

The Socialist States Of America?

A number of benefits that we as Americans enjoy, are used as arguments for claims that the United States is already socialist.

Prep Blog Review: Prepping For The Collapse

We already feel its effects on our day to day life and no matter how much we try to kid ourselves that maybe it won’t happen we know that it already did!

3 Signs The Economic Crash Will Hit Us In 2016

The traps are already set, and we are the mice. You only need to look back 8 years ago to see what happened then, and you know, this time it will be worse.

The Coming Economic Crisis

Regardless of what lies Obama tries to bring forth, the country has not recovered we are still in recession.

America’s Ever-Increasing Polarization

This is where our country has gotten to. While the rate of obvious division has increased under President Obama, that’s not where it began.

Bartering Your Skills: What’s Their Value?

How much are your skills worth after disaster? Basically, we’re talking about the law of supply and demand here.

Was Black Monday Really A Black Monday?

It’s a good time to tighten our belts. Whatever you do, don’t take on any new debt.
Rocky times are ahead.

Prep Blog Review: Preparing For The Economic Meltdown

The global economy stands on melting legs, and seems to be heading to disaster. So be aware and prepare for the worst!