Prep Blog Review: Tips For The Unknown Aftermath

We don’t know what SHTF will bring, and hope we’ll never find out, but keep prepping in between. Here are a few hints from other survival websites.

Homemade Penicillin To Survive When SHTF

If SHTF, access to antibiotics may become limited or impossible. If that happens, it’s important to know how to make antibiotics at home.

Bartering Your Skills: What’s Their Value?

How much are your skills worth after disaster? Basically, we’re talking about the law of supply and demand here.

10 Things Everyone Will Be Looking For After SHTF

We found a great piece that lists some realistic items you may not have already thought of, and that we haven’t really seen listed everywhere else.

Prep Blog Review: Are Your Bushcraft Skills Up To The Challenge?

When SHTF you either bug in or bug out, and if you choose the latter, well you’re probably find yourself somewhere in the wilderness with very little resources available.

Social Survival: Meeting Other Cultures

Being used to interact with people from other cultures can be a huge advantage in a crisis. Are you prepared to communicate with them?

9 Life-Saving Signals when Being Trapped

In a time of crisis there will be people trapped or buried alive in buildings. Others may be trapped underground. Do you know how to signal to survive?

Surviving Riots: 6 Crucial Steps For Your Safety

Violence will be the rule of the day in which you will either kill or be killed if you don’t know these 6 ways to stay safe during a riot.

Prep Blog Review: Coping with Disaster

Daily crises often give us headaches. Things go worse when a real catastrophe strikes. How would you keep your mind clear?

5 Steps In The Aftermath Of A Disaster

It comes without saying that both individuals and families should also know what to do in the aftermath of a disaster.

Diseases to Fear in the Aftermath of Disaster

Many people believe that the biggest fear after SHTF is going to be starvation or attack from other humans, but the likelihood of mass death by disease is a much more terrifying probability.

Helping Others After Disaster

In a SHTF situation, every single person in a group has some worth: sometimes the challenge is finding the best job for each person.
Particularly if there are physical limitations such as those brought about by age or physical disability, utilizing your human resources […]