The recent mass shooting, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Coral Springs, Florida has brought the issue of mass shootings and the gun

Having little or no money is not a good reason to get stuck with a poor quality gun or not buy one at all.  

The internet has made life easier in so many ways, but it has a dark side as well. Not only has the internet

When building a prepper ammunition stockpile, you are always going to be pressed for room and money. In this case, there are ammo types

Tricking thermal imaging cameras might not be so simple but if you take the following into account you might just be able to stand

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In your devastated neighborhood, looters are heading to your house. What do you do next? Do you have the guts to make the right

It only takes a few bucks and a criminal mind to turn some handcuffs into a mean of terror. Would you know how to

You can't see anybody standing right behind you, but they are there, following your traces through the virtual world. Then they easily scan your everything

If you're a senior and want to stay safe, you need to know how to stay healthy and deter those people who think you're