How To Keep Your Winter Stockpile Safe


This winter, your reserves can be threatened in numerous ways. Are yours going to make it through until spring comes?

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Top 5 Versatile Foods To Survive Nowadays


Choose versatile food as much as you opt for multipurpose items when building your reserves. It’s about money, space and resources!

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10 Shopping Mistakes When Buying Stockpile Items

Shopping Stockpile Mistakes

Stockpiling is one of the most important steps for disaster preparation. Make sure you aren’t making these 10 shopping mistakes!

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50 Things To Stockpile On A Budget This Fall


This is a good list to use when stockpiling for winter weeks ahead. Follow our tips to get the best offers on the market!

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10 Ways Preppers Can Easily Reuse Glass Bottles

glass bottles

No matter whether you dig around in a junk pile or turn up glass bottles while plowing a field, these bottles can still be cleaned and reused.

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How To Build Up Your Food Reserves For Everyday Use

17625452 - old cellar  - pantry with food

Having a complete stockpile for survival is not enough. You also need a pantry of food reserves intended for everyday use. Let’s see how to build it!

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Important Tips For Home Canning Sweet Foods


Different types of foods require different techniques. Home canning sweet foods is no different. Let’s see how it’s made!

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How To Store Flour, Sugar And Rice For Survival


The thing about sugar, salt, and rice is that you can’t produce it without a lot of acreage, ideal conditions, and a ton of work, so you need to stockpile them.

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The Secrets You Need To Know About Fermenting Food

Survivopedia food fermentation

This technique was used for preservation but modern knowledge revealed that fermentation provides nutrients that you body needs for survival.

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10 Ways For Preppers To Use Old Newspapers

Survivopedia newspapers

No matter whether you store away regular daily newspapers, sales flyers, or even magazines, all of them can be converted into valuable survival aides.

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10 Ways Preppers Can Reuse Plastic Shopping Bags

44975318 - disposable plastic bags

As with many other forms of packaging that we “throw away” in our society, plastic bags have many purposes that make them very useful.

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8 Signs That Predict The Coming Food Crisis

35612251 - dry season in a corn field.

Don’t let the full shelves fool you. While the sky may not actually be falling, the world is facing a food shortage. Are you prepared?

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10 Ways For Preppers To Use Egg Crates

47325877 - eggs package

Do you think of egg crates as useless junk?
Think twice! They should definitely be part of your stockpile.

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So Many Ways For Preppers To Use Old Medicine Bottles

pill bottle

When you throw away pill bottles, you are throwing away one of the most valuable prepping materials in your home.

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13 Multi-Use Survival Items You Can Find At The Dollar Store

dollar store

Instead of talking about individual survival items that you can buy at the Dollar Store, let’s see the top 13 multi-purpose items that you should stock up on.

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Healthy Low Carb Foods To Stockpile For Survival


Carbs are the primary source for most of us but the problem is that they burn up quickly. How good are they for survival food?

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