Nuclear Survival: Bugging Out Safely After An Atomic Blast


If you are in an area at risk of nuclear incidents, here is what you need to know about bugging out safely after an atomic blast.

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Vehicle Prepping: Replacing The Control Module Of Your Car

Vehicle prepping

Just a few computer chips can make it impossible for you to use your survival vehicle. Here’s how to solve the problem!

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How To Prepare Your Tractor For An EMP

EMP Proof Tractor

As an important element of your homestead, make sure you know how to keep your tractor as safe as possible from EMP related damage.

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The Day When The ATMs Dried Up


A sudden action of the Indian govt left people in a bind. The lesson to be learned here is that is that our money isn’t safe.

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11 Tips On How To Survive A Polar Vortex


We had to face the polar vortex last winter, and we have to face it again these days.
Here’s how to prepare for it!

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Product Review: Power Whisperer Pro Version


The Power Whisperer PRO gives your family a level of security you won’t find just anywhere. Here’s what you need to know!

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7 Ways To Prepare For An Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis

A financial crisis is imminent. Here are seven lifestyle changes that can help you and your family to survive the meltdown.

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EMP Survival: Is Your Home Ready For The Blackout?


Think about how your home would resist to an EMP blast. Will you have enough heat and food? Will your OPSEC be the same if left in the dark?

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The Basic Study Guide For Your EMP Survival

49927316 - blackout concept. lighting candle near laptop with dark empty screen

There is so much to learn about EMP survival, and so little time. I’ll point you in the right direction: here’s where to start your study from!

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Prep Blog Review: Are You Prepared For The Worst?

Are You Prepared For The Worst

One thing’s for sure: survival will be your biggest challenge when SHTF. We gathered 5 worst-case scenarios to be prepared for.

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8 Dangers After Floods You Need To Know About

Danger After Floods

After a flood, the water may be gone but the dangers are not. Here are 8 dangers you will face after a flood and how to survive them.

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This Is How To Fireproof Your Home

32320556 - family of mother with children at burning house background

if you’re surrounded day after day by open flames, a fire is an accident waiting to happen. Take these steps to prevent it from happening!

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Prep Blog Review: Surviving Zika – Myths And Reality


1 in 7 U.S. adults say they have taken steps to reduce their risk of getting Zika, according to the latest analysis from Pew Research. Are we in real danger?

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Surviving Nature: How To Prepare For A Hurricane


Some years, you have nothing to worry about during hurricane season. Other years, such as the season of 2004, teach you the value of preparedness.

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Prep Blog Review: 2016 Survival Assessment (So Far)

pbr july 23

Venezuela is a study case. Riots can be found anywhere from US, to Turkey. Theorist attacks are scarier than ever. What are you prepping in what’s left of 2016?

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Stories To Learn From: WWII Survival On The Home Front

8655488 - us army soldier

During WW2, on the home front, we were all Americans. We were all in this together, and we intended to win. We never felt alone, and we survived as a community.

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