New To Prepping? Here’s Where To Start From

New To Prepping

New to prepping and wondering what does one have to do in order to truly be prepared? Here are the answers to your questions!

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What We Can Learn From The California Evacuation

california evacuation

A disaster disrupts lives, but it comes with valuable lessons we can all learn from. What can we learn from California’s Dam crisis?

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How To Make Lye At Home

How To Make Lye At Home

Knowing how to use what you have on hand to make what you need is one of the hallmarks of a true prepper. So, let’s make some lye!

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Emergency Fire-starter: Start A Fire With Bare Hands

Starting a fire

Fire is your best friend in a survival situation. Can you start one with bare hands? Here are some methods to practice before SHTF.

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10 Ways To Prepare Your Tractor For Survival

10 Ways To Prepare You Tractor For Survival

A tractor is a must-have for every homesteader so make sure you prepare yours for survival so you can use it in a post-crisis world.

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Read This Before You Start Building An Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

Thinking about using an utility trailer for survival? Make sure it fits your needs so challenge your skills and start building your own.

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9+ Essential Items For Your Bedroom Survival Kit

What to Store Next To Your Bed In Case Of Emergency

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so you might wake up to an emergency at some point. Are your prepared for this scenario?

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3 Steps To Start A Fire When Everything Is Wet

Starting fire rain

Just because you can make a fire it doesn’t mean you can start one in wet conditions, and then is when you need a fire the most.

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How To Build Your Best Camouflage


Wearing the right type of camouflage in the right setting can make you almost impossible to spot in a survival situation.

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Prep Blog Review: Are You Prepared For An EMP Attack?


The U.S. power grid is in danger more than ever. Do you know how to prepare for a power failure that will put your life in danger?

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Wilderness Survival: 5 Self Feeding Campfires

Self Feeding Campfire

Forget about “baby-sitting” your campfire with these five techniques to start a self feeding fire that can last up to 18 hours!

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Army Tricks To Learn For Survival

Survival Army Tricks

Even if you don’t have military training, here are the top survival skills and habits you should learn from those who do.

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How To Speak Survival Abroad: SOS Signs And Languages

How to Speak Survival Abroad

Are there universal words or gestures that transcend language barriers so that you can survive no matter where you are? Sort of. Let’s see them!

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How To DIY A Paracord Survival Grenade

Paracord Grenade

Outdoor aficionado? Here is how to DIY your own paracord survival grenade that can save your life in many SHTF situations.

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23 Ways To Compromise A Backpacking Trip

Survivopedia backpack

Backpacking should be great fun but it can transform into a death march if you keep doing these too common mistakes.

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Nuclear Survival: Bugging Out Safely After An Atomic Blast


If you are in an area at risk of nuclear incidents, here is what you need to know about bugging out safely after an atomic blast.

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