How To Prepare Your Tractor For An EMP

EMP Proof Tractor

As an important element of your homestead, make sure you know how to keep your tractor as safe as possible from EMP related damage.

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How To Choose Warm Clothes For Cold Days


The right clothing can quite literally be the difference between living and dying if you’re caught outside in bad weather.

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Winter Survival: How To Build A Snow Shelter


Winter presents many challenges but also many lessons as you can practice your survival skills. Here is how to build your snow shelter.

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DIY Basic Project: How To Build A Ladder


Let’s be serious, who doesn’t need a ladder? Follow the steps in this easy DIY project and build a ladder for your homestead.

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5 DIY Survival Tools To Make From Scratch


Our ancestors used to manufacture tools from animal bones, stones or metal so let’s learn how to make some DIY survival tools from scratch.

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Leaky Cellar 101: What You Need To Know


A leaky cellar impacts the shelf life of your supplies. Let’s see what you can do to keep your cellar dry and your stockpile safe.

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10 Ways You Can Make Money On Woodworking


Get your tools, practice your skills! We found 10 ways woodworking can help you earn money and save resources that otherwise would go to waste.

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This Is How To Fireproof Your Home

32320556 - family of mother with children at burning house background

if you’re surrounded day after day by open flames, a fire is an accident waiting to happen. Take these steps to prevent it from happening!

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How To Use Concrete: 5 Projects For Your Homestead

Using Concrete

Concrete is a homesteader’s best friend and the ideal choice for building lots of stuff. Here are a few DIY projects to try on!

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Old Skills Revived: How To Fire Pottery Outdoors

12569057 - old pottery kiln and pot. pottery theme

Making pottery is an old skill. The final step is firing your clay so that it’s durable and, in the case of stoneware, usable for storing food.

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15 Projects For Preppers Before The Winter Comes


While the weather’s still nice, there are plenty of survival projects that you can work on. Just click on the links in the article to check these projects.

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How To Throw Pottery On A Potter’s Wheel


Now that you’ve made your pottery wheel, it’s time to try it out.
Don’t worry though; it won’t take you long.

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5 DIY Cooling Devices For Your Off-grid Survival

air cooling

How can you deal with a heatwave when it comes to off-grid survival? This is how to DIY your own air conditioner in case you need it.

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Prep Blog Review: Getting Back To DIY Projects


What DIY projects have you tried lately? Now that summer is about to end, I’m looking for some exciting ideas to try.

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Old Skills Revived: How To Tan A Deer Hide

32919634 - row of wild animal skins hanging from a rope - craft tanned skin of an ancient tannery

Many times, hides are discarded, which is a waste of a valuable commodity, and it’s disrespectful to the animal. Why not tan the hide yourself?

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How To Make Outdoor Paint The Old Way

red barn

Bright red barns setting in the middle of nowhere… If you want to live sustainably, make your own outdoor paint that will look great and last for years!

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