Healthy Ways To Lose Weight After Christmas

Lose Weight

You’re scared to step on the scale after the winter holidays? Get back in your skinny jeans without giving up the good stuff. Here’s how!

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11 Reasons To Stockpile Castor Oil For Survival


Old timers used castor oil for everything from colds to parasitical worms. Here are 11 reasons to stockpile this multipurpose item.

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Survival Pharmacy: 9 Ways To Use Ginger For Your Health

How To Use Ginger

The medicinal properties and ease of growth make ginger a plant that you should definitely have in your survival garden!

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Prep Blog Review: 18+ Tips For Healthy Preppers

Healthy Preppers

The challenge nowadays is to stay healthy in a toxic environment. These tips will help you keep health a priority for your SHTF plan.

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3 Medieval Remedies To Heal The Common Cold

Cold Remedies

Instead of taking cold medicine, try these 3 revived ancient remedies and you’ll feel alive again.

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Top 20 Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

39561133 - a senior man tries to relieve his stuffy nose.

Regardless of the reason for your stuffy nose, there are many home remedies to try right now to breathe better and feel better.

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Prep Blog Review: How To Survive The Flu & Cold Season

Survive the cold and flu season

Ready or not, the cold and flu season is here and I’ve gathered a handful of useful tips to help you feel better along the way.

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Killing Us Softly – How Just Breathing Is Deadly


It’s bad enough that we have to worry about other countries using chemical warfare on us; we’re already getting slowly poisoned just by breathing!

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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Before Winter

Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is your body’s first line of defence. Let’s see how you can help and boost your immune system before winter.

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Hidden Toxins In Everyday Life That Are Slowly Killing You

toxins killing you

Nowadays, we can find toxins in everything – in the water we drink, in the food we eat and in the air we breath. Learn how to fight them!

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8 Dangers After Floods You Need To Know About

Danger After Floods

After a flood, the water may be gone but the dangers are not. Here are 8 dangers you will face after a flood and how to survive them.

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Prep Blog Review: Surviving Zika – Myths And Reality


1 in 7 U.S. adults say they have taken steps to reduce their risk of getting Zika, according to the latest analysis from Pew Research. Are we in real danger?

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10 Essential Medical Resources You Can Get From Nature


What will you do when there are no bandages, no medications, and no way to get help? Nature will be by your side to help you.

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Using Natural Sunscreens To Survive Summer

20995372 - sunburn

You know there are cancer-causing chemicals in your food, and commercial sunscreen is the same. This is how to use natural agents instead!

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Healthy Low Carb Foods To Stockpile For Survival


Carbs are the primary source for most of us but the problem is that they burn up quickly. How good are they for survival food?

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13 Ways To Fight Aging Naturally


How is it that we all feel 20 in our minds, yet are betrayed by wrinkles on the face in the mirror? Looking young is just a bonus, health is more important.

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