Prep Blog Review: 8+ Food Crops To Grow In Your Survival Garden


Starting a survival garden is one of your resolutions for 2017? If so, here are some ideas about how to grow efficient food crops.

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Survival Gardening: How To Plan Your Low Water Garden

Low Water Crops

You don’t always need a ton of water to grow food. That’s where low-water crops come in. Here is how to start your low-water garden.

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Small Spaces Survival: Growing Food Upside Down


Did you run out of solutions on growing food in small spaces? Think outside the box and turn traditional gardening upside down! Literally!

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10 TO DOs In Winter For Your Survival Garden


You don’t want all of your gardening efforts to be wasted during winter. Here are 10 steps to follow to protect your survival garden.

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Why Vertical Gardening Is The Way To Go For Survival

Vertical garden

When it comes to growing your plants, space is a problem, but not for vertical gardening. Here is how to start your own vertical garden.

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How To Meet The Challenges Of Urban Farming


Trying to live self-sufficiently in an urban area is challenging but you can grow your food even though you live in the city. Here is how!

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Survival Pharmacy: 9 Ways To Use Ginger For Your Health

How To Use Ginger

The medicinal properties and ease of growth make ginger a plant that you should definitely have in your survival garden!

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How To Start Your Survival Terrarium


When SHTF, you’ll want to have a discreet garden to grow some survival food. You can create a survival garden inside a terrarium. Here’s how!

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What You Need To Know About Autumn Gardens


While autumn may not be associated with gardening by default, there’s still plenty you can do. Did you know these tips?

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How to Make And Use Liquid Manure Compost

28064194 - two buckets and spade in irrigation ditch between vegetable beds with growing wheat as green manure and some bootles as small hothouses for growing seedlings

Let’s talk about how to make and use your very own manure tea to get the best out of your crops. Your garden will most definitely enjoy a cup.

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Survival Gardening: How To Naturally Improve Your Soil

garden soil

You can’t just drop seeds in the ground and expect a ton of produce. Your soil needs care. Here are some natural ways to improve it!

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How To Protect Your Garden: DIY Smoke Bombs

smoke bomb

If SHTF, these critters can each be lethal in their own way. And so are the bigger predators that attack your crops.

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Did You Choose The Proper Seeds For Planting?


A tomato seed is a tomato seed, right? Wrong.
Here’s how to make the smart choice for growing healthy crops!

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Real Spring Or Just A Temporary Warm Spell?

spring signs

There are some signs that will give you a good idea of whether or not spring is here to stay, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

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10 Trees A Prepper Needs For Food And Health

apple tree

You already know what types of trees we recommend for defense. The question is, what would you grow for food?

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10 Trees That Any Prepper Should Grow

big trees

When it comes to selecting trees to plant, it is important to think about all the survival needs that can be met by using trees.

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