How To Keep Your Winter Stockpile Safe


This winter, your reserves can be threatened in numerous ways. Are yours going to make it through until spring comes?

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Senior Preparedness: What Types Of Food To Store?

Senior Preparadness

Here are a few senior preparedness tips for building your survival stockpile so that you’ll have what you need when SHTF.

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Top 5 Versatile Foods To Survive Nowadays


Choose versatile food as much as you opt for multipurpose items when building your reserves. It’s about money, space and resources!

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Leaky Cellar 101: What You Need To Know


A leaky cellar impacts the shelf life of your supplies. Let’s see what you can do to keep your cellar dry and your stockpile safe.

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50 Things To Stockpile On A Budget This Fall


This is a good list to use when stockpiling for winter weeks ahead. Follow our tips to get the best offers on the market!

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How To Build Up Your Food Reserves For Everyday Use

17625452 - old cellar  - pantry with food

Having a complete stockpile for survival is not enough. You also need a pantry of food reserves intended for everyday use. Let’s see how to build it!

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Important Tips For Home Canning Sweet Foods


Different types of foods require different techniques. Home canning sweet foods is no different. Let’s see how it’s made!

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How To Store Flour, Sugar And Rice For Survival


The thing about sugar, salt, and rice is that you can’t produce it without a lot of acreage, ideal conditions, and a ton of work, so you need to stockpile them.

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Healthy Low Carb Foods To Stockpile For Survival


Carbs are the primary source for most of us but the problem is that they burn up quickly. How good are they for survival food?

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Surviving Deliciously: 5 Dry Canned Meals In Jars

23181591 - dried vegetables slices in a bowl

Dry canning entire meals has benefits for your health, and it’s a good skill for survival. Today we’ll take a look at it, and I’ll share some recipes, too.

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The Gluten Free Survival Stockpile

gluten free stockpile

Most gluten-free commercial foods are expensive but I’ve found ways around it in my everyday life. In my prepping closet, though, I’ve made a few adjustments

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Containers


When stockpiling, there are a lot of questions to ask about containers for your own food safety, but they are easy to find if you read the following article.

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The “Must Have” List For The Survival Cooker’s Kitchen

survival kitchen

If you want to preserve all of the food that you’ve worked so hard on, you’re going to need these items for prepping your food at home.

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8 Signs Your Stored Foods Could Kill You


Pay attention when you open your foods and take every precaution when you’re canning.
As they say, the devil is in the details!

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DIY: How To Make MREs At Home


They’re pretty pricey to buy and many of them don’t taste so great. So, since we’re all about DIY, I wondered if it was possible to make MREs at home.

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16 Foods That Will Live Longer Than You

jars of honey

Honey is not the only item that will keep indefinitely. Read further to find out what other foods you can keep forever without fear of spoilage.

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