Prep Blog Review: Let’s Talk About Survival Food

Survival Food

From planning to cooking the best survival recipes, food should be a priority for every prepper. So, let’s talk about survival food!

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Survival Lessons From The Old: One Pot Meals

51194722 - one pot

The cowboys and settlers did it because they only had the luxury of one pot on the trail. We do it today because there are so many recipes out there that are delicious and fast.

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Survival Cooking: How To Use A Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

One thing our forefathers never left behind was their Dutch Oven. Here is how to use this magic oven to cook your survival recipes.

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How To Wax Food For Long-Term Storage


Waxing fruits and veggies for long term is common, but here is how to use wax to preserve even jams, jellies and cheese.

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How To Make Bannock For Survival

Bannock for Survival

Do you need a quick bread, easy to cook over a campfire? Then you need some bannock! Here is how to cook bannock for survival.

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FAQ On How To Pressure Can Bacon At Home

How To Pressure Can Bacon

We’ve had some questions about canning bacon. Yes, you can home can bacon so that it will be there, in your food stockpile.

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5 Survival Recipes You Should Know by Heart

big pemmican

From pemmican to hardtack, discover 5 delicious recipes to fill hungry tummies during hard times that you should know by heart.

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Prep Blog Review: How To Eat Right When SHTF

Eat Right When SHTF

Having a balanced diet is pretty much of a challenge considering the limitations one has to face in a survival situation. What would you do?

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Pantry Checklist: 6 Ways To Preserve Tomatoes


Do you want to enjoy the taste of your ripe, juicy tomatoes later in the year? Here are 6 delicious ways to preserve them.

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Why To Buy a Solar Oven, Rather Than DIY


DIY skills are essential for a prepper, but there are items you should rather buy than DIY. A solar oven is one of them, so here’s the offer we propose!

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4 Ways To Preserve Food In A Solar Oven

61928099 - dried hawthorn

It turns out that you can use your solar oven for more than just one way to preserve your food. We found at least 4 ways to do it!

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7 Mouth-watering Recipes To Cook In The Sun

14519704 - solar cooking oven with black pot.

With a little practice, cooking on a solar oven is a piece of cake. These 7 mouth-watering recipes are exactly what you’ll need to prepare a good meal.

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Prep Blog Review: We Start Our Autumn Prepping

Autumn Prepping

September is the best month to start preparing for the cold days and take your prepping to another level. Here are a few ideas!

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4 Ways To Preserve Vegetables For Long-Term Survival

Preserved Vegetables

You can enjoy you vegetables for a longer time. Check out these four best ways to preserve vegetables for long-term survival.

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Secrets Of Dehydrating Fruits For Long-Term Storage

dried fruits

There are several advantages to dehydrating foods for both homesteading and prepping purposes. Read the article to find out what they are!

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Important Tips For Home Canning Sweet Foods


Different types of foods require different techniques. Home canning sweet foods is no different. Let’s see how it’s made!

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