Winter Survival: How To Start A Fire In The Snow

How to Start a fire in the snow

Winter time is arguably the hardest in terms of outdoor survival. If you can’t start a fire in the snow, you’ll end up dead.

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DIY Projects: 7 Easy Fire Starter Ideas

DIY Firestarter

Being able to start a fire in case of an emergency could save your skin from cold and your stomach from hunger. Let’s see how to DIY the fire starters!

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Off-grid Project: Easy DIY Fire Starters

Fire starters collage

There are so many other ways to start a fire than with matches, so practice making fires using alternate methods before a major crisis strikes.

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Products for Off-grid Survival: Insta-Fire


To see how good is Insta-Fire for off-grid survival, we compared it with another firestarter, building camp fires with dry wood and wet wood.

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Firecraft: 6 Survival Fire Starters

Survival fire camp detail in the wilderness

To this end, when it comes to preparing for the worst there is really no such thing as too many ways to start a fire.

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