Surviving Off-grid: Hot Water From Your Wood Stove


In an event of a grid-down situation, it would be nice to have hot water. Here is how to use your wood stove to heat water.

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Survival Cooking: How To Use A Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

One thing our forefathers never left behind was their Dutch Oven. Here is how to use this magic oven to cook your survival recipes.

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EMP Survival: 3 Ways To Build A Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage

Keep your key electronics safe in the event of an EMP, with a Faraday cage. Learn how to build your own Faraday cage for EMP survival.

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8 Things To Keep Under The Radar During A Blackout

Black out

When the lights go out, desperate people will do desperate things. Don’t let them know that you are better off than they are.

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Product Review: Power Whisperer Pro Version


The Power Whisperer PRO gives your family a level of security you won’t find just anywhere. Here’s what you need to know!

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Surviving Off-grid: 5 Ways to Manage Chimney Creosote

Surviving Off-grid

A clean chimney is not just a safe one, it is a valuable asset that will help you burn wood efficiently and get the most from it.

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Prep Blog Review: How To Generate Power Off-Grid

Generate Power Off-grid

After an EMP, you’ll have to know how to use natural resources to produce your own electricity. So, why not start preparing now?

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The Basic Study Guide For Your EMP Survival

49927316 - blackout concept. lighting candle near laptop with dark empty screen

There is so much to learn about EMP survival, and so little time. I’ll point you in the right direction: here’s where to start your study from!

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Product Review: Solavore Sport Solar Oven

Sport Solar Oven Solavore

With Solavore Sport Solar Oven, you’re getting what you’re paying for, and you can even get a 20% discount. Hurry up and grab the offer!

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Why To Buy a Solar Oven, Rather Than DIY


DIY skills are essential for a prepper, but there are items you should rather buy than DIY. A solar oven is one of them, so here’s the offer we propose!

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Read This Before Buying a Solar Oven!


Buying a solar oven can be a tricky proposition for most people. That’s why we have these advice and also a great offer you should grab!

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4 Ways To Preserve Food In A Solar Oven

61928099 - dried hawthorn

It turns out that you can use your solar oven for more than just one way to preserve your food. We found at least 4 ways to do it!

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7 Mouth-watering Recipes To Cook In The Sun

14519704 - solar cooking oven with black pot.

With a little practice, cooking on a solar oven is a piece of cake. These 7 mouth-watering recipes are exactly what you’ll need to prepare a good meal.

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5 DIY Cooling Devices For Your Off-grid Survival

air cooling

How can you deal with a heatwave when it comes to off-grid survival? This is how to DIY your own air conditioner in case you need it.

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Prepper Project: 5 Ways To Build An Oven

svp oven

Wood-fired ovens are maybe the best things invented by humans. Here are 5 affordable ways to build one yourself!

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How To Start Building A Flashlight From Scrap

big flashlight

Do you know how to build a flashlight from scavenged parts, or develop something new once the most important parts become unavailable?

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