Moving Your Computer Off Grid

A computer can make it easier for you to survive. Here is what you need to know about taking your computer off-grid.

3 Important Reasons To Join A Survival Group

There’s a reason for the timeless aphorism ’misery loves company’. It’s one of the foundational concepts for the proliferation of the species.

The War Between The GOP And Mainstream Media

It’s clear that the media is against anyone who is a Republican, as well as all conservative ideas. And the vast majority of the government is as well.

PrepperCon 2015: Deals, Ideas & Hands-on Training

Expos such as PrepperCon 2015 have a lot to offer to regular folks. For the average prepper, going to this expo may make the difference .

Prepper Expos On The Come Up. Here’s Where To Go!

There are several good reasons to attend and support preparedness expos. It is amazing: many of these expos are a one-shot deal.

Basic Guide To A Secure Linux USB Drive

Do not be fooled into thinking that a computer will be useless in a crisis. Learn how to secure it for a safe usage!

15 Free Online Resources For Prepping Offline

There are many fantastic electronic resources available for self-reliant folks of all types. But one downside is that they need internet access to function.

Who’s Paying For The Net Neutrality?

The real issue is being hidden in a pile of red tape and legal mumbo-jumbo, then misreported in sound bites and cute catch phrases…

Prepper Broadcasting: The Resource for Preppers

Fabulous info, well-done podcasts and an entire site that is extremely user friendly.
Find out what this is all about!

5 Websites That Are More Useful Than You Imagine

Generally speaking, preppers think in terms of doing things without the use of the Internet. But you shouldn’t completely overlook it!

Networking For Preppers: Online Forums

Some areas have local survival groups you could network with, but if you’re having a hard time finding a local group, the internet is a fantastic resource.