6 Self-Defense Tactics For Weak And Small

Self Defense

As a small person, when it comes to self-defense, let the attacker think you are an easy prey, but prove him wrong with these tactics.

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Army Tricks To Learn For Survival

Survival Army Tricks

Even if you don’t have military training, here are the top survival skills and habits you should learn from those who do.

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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Packing Your Backpack


At one point or another, each of us have fallen victim to every slip-up in the book until we learned our lesson about backpacking.

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EMP Survival: Is Your Home Ready For The Blackout?


Think about how your home would resist to an EMP blast. Will you have enough heat and food? Will your OPSEC be the same if left in the dark?

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5 Things That Make The Difference About Water Purification


Before choosing any method of water purification, make sure that you know these 5 tricks and traps about the process!

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7 Bartering Rules To Write In Stone

43481939 - copper harbor, michigan, usa - august 23, 2015. ammunition room at fort wilkins state historical park. the ammunition was never used with the exception of hunting as the fort never saw military action

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to bartering with other survivors in a SHTF situation. Take these seven rules to heart.

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The Ultimate Survivor Skill Set That Every Prepper Needs

8357501 - statue of labour, ants civilization living 150 million years because of working

Disaster situations are undoubtfully more manageable when one has a trained mind and a trained body for that specific circumstance.

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What Makes A Good Survival Knife

survival knife

Owning a perfectly-fit-for-you survival knife is more about skills than about choosing a product over another. Still, what makes a good survival knife?

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7 Intimidating Home Defense Alternatives

cold weapons

Having anything in your hand is better than having nothing. So if you have to chose a weapon, do it wisely, according to your skills and abilities.

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Winter Driving: 5 Tips For Your Fuel Economy

winter car

If your fuel reserve won’t last enough, you won’t stand a chance, so you must know how to stretch it as much as you need to.

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Prep Blog Review: Prepping On The Go


Think twice if you wait for the end of the world to make use of your survival skills. You’ll need them sooner than you think.

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Easter Prep Blog Review

Prep Blog Review 04 Apr

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Easter without ruining your budget and making good use of what we are left with after the celebration.

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Prep Blog Review: How To Build Your Water Reserve


Be sure that you know how to collect, purify and store water for the worst days to come. You’ll need water more than food to survive.

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Natural Water Purification Agents to Use after SHTF


Water quality is very important as you cannot afford to get sick when confronted with crisis situations. Drinking water that is riddled with bacteria can kill you.

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