Prep Blog Review: Are You Ready For September?

National Preparedness Month is just around the corner. It should be a time of reviewing our skills, stockpile and weak spots. How are you spending it?

Prep Blog Review: Getting Back To DIY Projects

What DIY projects have you tried lately? Now that summer is about to end, I’m looking for some exciting ideas to try.

Prep Blog Review: Surviving Zika – Myths And Reality

1 in 7 U.S. adults say they have taken steps to reduce their risk of getting Zika, according to the latest analysis from Pew Research. Are we in real danger?

Prep Blog Review: Knives, Guns and Camouflage

Today we’ll discuss what’s important for our self-defense. I’m talking about knives, guns, camouflage and other tips and tricks. Keep reading for more.

Prep Blog Review: 32+ Ultimate Survival Allies

In a real survival situation there’s not much you can use for help. If I were to quiz you about what to have close when disaster strikes, what would you say?

Prep Blog Review: 2016 Survival Assessment (So Far)

Venezuela is a study case. Riots can be found anywhere from US, to Turkey. Theorist attacks are scarier than ever. What are you prepping in what’s left of 2016?

Prep Blog Review: 5+ SHTF Facts

That’s what we’re all prepping for, thinking of and questioning about. Here are the latest findings on survival websites and blogs.

Prep Blog Review: The No.1 Priority in Surviving

What’s going on in this America of ours? Seems like a new attack or a riot is always around the corner. That just means we need to up our prepping game NOW.

Prep Blog Review: 4th of July Special – American Ways

In anticipation of our Monday celebration, I’m counting down the very best survival tips. From the pioneers, to the depression era’s forced creativity.

Prep Blog Review: UK Left The EU. Now What?

Whether you followed the Brexit results or not here’s a question for you: How does this affect Americans and what’s next?

Prep Blog Review: 5 Defense Tactics Inspired By Orlando

Orlando has been in our prayers and in our minds these past few days. Terrorist attacks have become the 2016 reality, so get prepping!

Prep Blog Review: Meal Ideas + How To Store Them

Being able to independently feed our families is the main focus of self-sufficiency. Whether you call this prepping, or animal farming, that’s it!

Prep Blog Review: DIY Water Projects To Try NOW

I’m getting more and more worried about my water reserve. I’ve decided to mix useful and fun and choose a few DIY water projects for this week’s Prep Blog Review.

Prep Blog Review: 5 New Items On The EMP Agenda

What are the Government and Big Corporations saying about the EMP danger? Solar flares or man made nukes?

Prep Blog Review: 5 Venezuelan Survival Lessons

Greatest survival lessons come not from imagined situations or TV show scripts.
Study case 1: Venezuela 2016.

Prep Blog Review: Survival Kitchen Tips

No matter the progress we make in our prepping, let’s not forget about priorities. We recently covered water. Let’s talk about food!