January 2016

Driving in SnowAs the eastern seaboard remains in an unbelievable state of chaos due to Winter Storm Jonas, I cannot help but think back to times and places where we didn’t bother to name “winter storms”.   We dealt with temperatures in the double digits below freezing along with 8+ feet of snow and didn’t descend into mindless panic that prompts politicians to call for driving curfews and such.

Here are some tips based on my experiences over  decades of driving on snowy/icy mountain, town, city, highway, and thruway roads. Regardless of day or night, heavy traffic or none, whiteouts or sleet – I have never needed a 4 x 4, (most of those years I drove a manual with front wheel drive), fancy computers, or halogen headlights, let alone a tow truck.

After the record breaking blizzard that has buried the mid-Atlantic in snow, we were faced with a new set of challenges. We’ve talked about insulating your home and making sure no energy is wasted, how to use snow to insulate your home and how to deal with your car and driving under similar circumstances.

What do you do when you are practically paralyzed by the heavy snowfall? How do you get around when flights get cancelled and roads get closed and when nobody even bothers to make sure these roads are accessible to the ambulance and the fire fighters?

Islam rapeThe massive influx of supposed “refugees” into Europe is having a number of unexpected consequences. Perhaps the liberal politicians who agreed to their invasion were thinking these refugees would be like others, act like others and be grateful like others. But what they’ve gotten is far from what anyone could have expected.

Not only is it clear that terrorists have infiltrated the ranks of the “refugees,” as proven by the Paris terrorist attack, but it’s also clear that the rest of the “military age men” who make up the majority of the influx are determined to change Europe into what they want it to be.