June 2015

survival projects

There is no better time than summer for practicing your survival and homesteading skills. Take your toolbox and prepare to DIY, whether you are building an outhouse or a rocket stove out of nothing, or you are making your own dehydrator for the food that you grow.

But before starting any project, take a look at these 12 awesome projects: you will surely find something that you need for you next survival adventure, or just for improving your homestead. Or you could put them all on your TO DO list.

Booby trapsSome see the subject of booby traps as taboo. They are mostly those who have been affected by politicians who seek to control the population by controlling the information they access. They do this through fear, suggestion and threat of force.

But I do not believe that the proliferation of information will endanger the good guys. Our society has mechanisms to protect us, chief among them, is the classification of information. I would never pass along classified information, but a far greater threat endangers the average person: ignorance.